About Me

Michael Roth

Business Consultant

My mission is to change how you view your organisation.

Your mindset paves the road for your work. Without a digital mindset you will always stay behind competitors. Stop reacting to change and start acting again.

I focus on people and purpose and I want every member of every business organisation to develop a future-oriented and sustainable working style. I know tech is for people. Not the other way around.

Because mindset matters!

Hey there, I’m Michael based in Cologne, Germany and I’m a Microsoft 365 business consultant.


I focus on, live, and breathe User Adoption & Change Management. I express my ideas as an international conferences’ speaker, I’m a blogger, an artist and my head’s always buzzing with new ideas.

I love to learn to experience new things, to expand my comfort zone and to never stop. Therefore, I’m a certified Scrum Master, a PROSCI Practitioner and a Microsoft Certified Service Adoption Specialist. And I won’t stop yet…😁